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Here at The Garage we are proud of the fact that we try to go that little bit further, if you get your car serviced with us and a bulb fails 8 months down the line - drop in, we will change it free of charge. I don't think that's odd, I think that's good customer service.

If your whole family or friends decide to get their cars serviced, MOT'd or repaired with us - you all get a discount, why wouldn't I do that. You are my customers and I appreciate the business.

Yes, we often do little jobs like stick back on that bump strip that came loose, remove that rattling heatshield, tighten that parkbrake a myriad of small jobs that take us 10 minutes but plague the life out of you and nearly always for free.

That doesn't seem odd to me that we would do such things, its called looking after your customers and we are happy to do it, its who we are and we are proud of it.
Here at The Garage we like to think of ourselves as a "local" garage, we always try to use local tradesmen and suppliers as often as we possibly can, often many of these tradesmen are our customers or we are happy to say become customers.

Others are people we meet along the way, companies that we have had dealings with or are affiliated to that we feel have the same work ethic as we do and have the customers best interest at heart.

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